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Our journey began in "technical Kafaah" towards development and discovery, to drive ideas towards development and opportunity generation, and to contribute to the development

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List of the most outstanding works of Kafaah

Our Portfolio

Logo and identity Deem-Interior Designer
Logo and identity Deem-Interior Designer
Gedco website
A complete shipping and logistics site for Gedeco
Logo and identity of the October pick
Logo and identity mimic the idea of a coffee shop where the logo was inspired by the store's distinctive name
The identity of the branch of al-Joud
The coffee company has its identity stems from the company where it highlights its ambition and its extension in addition to its interconnection through coffee leaves
Logo design drops
The Renaissance logo is designed in modern ways in keeping with the activity The Renaissance logo was designed in modern ways to keep up with the activity
Aman's logo and identity
Aman's logo and identity for smartphones
Youzan Logo and Identity
Youzan Import and Export Logo and Identity
Perfect Cloud Platform
Perfect Cloud Platform
Khalil Osman Website
An integrated identification site named after its owner, the candidate of the United States City Council, the United States of America.
Al-Anamil website
Al-Anamil Charitable Foundation website
Union Logo YCU
YCU logo and identity explains the concept of the Union in a simple, expressive and cost-free way
The site of the Sale of Goodness
Design the interfaces of the site of a charity integrated of formal and color compatibility and easy to use meets the requirements of the foundation and explains its intentions
Mashreqi Logo and Identity
The motto and identity of the Mashreqi Foundation according to the ideology of the foundation and its content in a new
Site of producing families
Website of the Association of Productive Families in Jazan Province, Saudi Arabia
ACTPAC website
American ACTPAC website
Knda 's technical website
Knda Technical Company Ltd. website
Heran Foundation website
Heran Development Foundation Ltd. website
Humanitarian Relief and Development Site(HDRO)
A humanitarian organization website designed for easy use and programmed in a professional manner
Shagam Real Estate Development and Investment Logo
Logo created for a real estate investment company

Why Kafaah

About Kafaah

It possesses the Kafaah of several components that make it in the forefront of its innovative and innovative qualifications enabled it to enter the global market and compete well and its work


  • A strong entity that competes globally

  • Highly efficient professional management

  • 24-hour technical support

  • A selection of innovators and innovators in different fields

  • Speed in accomplishing tasks in a uniquely perfect way

  • Receiving digital business from all countries 

we care deeply about what we do and we are proud of our impact on our customers and our community.

We continue for you and how much we rise.

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